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Sounds like a great idea and as a user I can see how it will benefit me.

Congrats Scott on The Move--we need you there.


On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 9:30 AM, Scott Balneaves <sbalneav at>wrote:

> Hello, Edubuntu lovers,
> After getting a lesson in packaging this weekend from our retired sage
> LaserJock, we has a short discussion about something that he set up for the
> Edubuntu developers and users which, I think if used effectively, will have
> a
> benificial impact on us all.
> If you're not aware, I've decided to go for my MOTU-ship, so that I can
> directly update packages in Universe.  Now that we are allowed to put
> Universe
> packages on the DVD, seeing as we are our own distribution, this will make
> things much easier for us.  We can (as I understand it) demote most or all
> of
> the education-related apps to Universe, then nothing more than being a MOTU
> will be required to maintain Edubuntu.  This significantly lowers the
> barrier
> to entry.
> However, even becoming a MOTU does have it's cost.  There's a long process
> one
> must go through in order to be given the keys to the kingdom, as it were.
>  As
> well, even if you DO have MOTU, getting a new package, or an update, into
> Universe does take some time.
> This is where PPA's can come in to help.  For those not in the know, a PPA
> is a
> Personal Package Archive.  It's your own archive of packages which you can
> directly upload to at any time.
> We have a team within Edubuntu, called "edubuntu-dev", it consists of the
> current Edubuntu developers.  You can see the team's page here.
> You'll notice that, about halfway down the page, we have 3 PPA's, namely:
> Edubuntu Testing Archive
> Edubuntu Stable Updates
> Edubuntu Work in Progress
> Work in Progress for "Bleeding edge" or alpha quality work, "Testing" for
> beta
> quality packages, and "Stable Updates" for updates to packages that are
> currenly stable, but may have a bugfix that we can apply that hasn't yet
> made
> it to the official archives.
> Per LaserJock's suggestion, I'd like to propose that the developers, and
> the
> users, start taking advantage of this as the "Semi official" Edubuntu
> updates
> repo, over and above the official Ubuntu-sponsored updates.  It has several
> advantages:
> 1) Users who wish to receive "more frequent" updates may add the
> appropriate
>   PPA to their apt config, and gain the benefits.
> 2) Users who do NOT want to have anything other than the officially
> sponsored
>   updates can simply ignore this ppa.
> 3) People who would like to become Edubuntu developers have a much lower
>   barrier to entry.  After doing a bit of packaging or bugfixing work to
> prove
>   their worth, the Edubuntu Community Council can simply vote to have them
> as
>   part of the "edubuntu-dev" team.  This gives them access to the
>   "edubuntu-dev" PPA's.  If they choose, they can use their development
> work,
>   when they've done enough of it, to eventually apply for official
> MOTU-ship.
>   Or not, as they so choose.
> 4) It's a "well known address" where we can point people to to potentially
>   receive more frequent updates.
> To me, it seems like a good course of action.  By way of kicking it off,
> today
> I'll push up a new version of Sabayon to "Testing".  This new version will
> allow you to apply Sabayon profiles by group, in addition to the usual
> by-user.
> Thoughts?
> Scott
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