LTSP testing in Jaunty - how fat is local apps?

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Sat Mar 28 11:51:49 GMT 2009

Lets see if I have go this as I fancy a go, assuming Ubuntu 9 is out at 
the end of April, not long to wait.

Jaunty is Ubuntu 9, I an running LTSP on 8.10 and trying the Nubae fat 
client approach.  This works but HIGHFAT is too much for the 2.4Ghz 256 
MB clients,

>Asmo Koskinen kirjoitti:
>> OK. I'll do ltsp-localapps later today.
>I did that with VLC and AVI file.
// I open this file on the LTSP server and make sure these lines are 
set as below
>root at ubuntu-ltsp5:~# cat /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/lts.conf

// vlc on the client image is installed and owned by root
//Is vlc on the image from the vanilla image or did you chroot to the 
image and install it?
>root at ubuntu-ltsp5:~# ls -al /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/share/applications/
>-rw-r--r--   1 root root 1463 2009-02-25 17:50 vlc.desktop
>root at ubuntu-ltsp5:~#
//On the server vlc is PID 8448
>root at ubuntu-ltsp5:~# ps ax | grep vlc
>  8448 pts/2    S+     0:00 grep vlc
>root at ubuntu-ltsp5:~#
//This looks like a fat client node because we are @ ltsp201
//not sure what line 1 of grep has pulled up but line 2 shows a 
differnent PID for vlc
// a df on the client would be interesting - what is mounted where? 
>root at ltsp201:~# ps ax | grep vlc
>  4705 tty7     S      0:00 su - user-ltsp5 -c LANG= DISPLAY=:7 
>XAUTHORITY=/var/run/ldm-xauth-hkVTMsjGK  vlc
>  4707 tty7     Sl     0:20 vlc
>  4761 pts/1    S+     0:00 grep vlc
>root at ltsp201:~#
>I did have NAT problem (because I have only one nic) when I did try 
>listen streaming radio with localapps VLC. But that is just me, 
>localapps works just fine in Beta.
>Best Regards Asmo Koskinen.
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