Which Squid?

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 12:14:38 GMT 2009

On Sun, 08 Mar 2009, David Groos wrote:

> Initializing the Squid cache with the command squid -f
> /etc/squid/squid.conf -z ..
> 2009/03/08 16:26:38| parseConfigFile: line 113 unrecognized: 'max_filedesc 0'
> 2009/03/08 16:26:38| Creating Swap Directories
> FATAL: Failed to make swap directory /var/spool/squid/00: (13) Permission denied
> Squid Cache (Version 2.6.STABLE18): Terminated abnormally.
> CPU Usage: 0.000 seconds = 0.000 user + 0.000 sys
> Maximum Resident Size: 0 KB
> Page faults with physical i/o: 0

It looks like the ownership of the directory /var/spool/squid is wrong.  On
debian/ubuntu squid usually runs as the user "proxy".  The directory must
therefore be owned by that user.

	sudo chown proxy.proxy /var/spool/squid/

should do that, though if you installed the packaged version that should be
looked after automatically.


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