Fwd: nic with bootrom

Jordan Mantha laserjock at ubuntu.com
Thu Mar 5 16:17:19 GMT 2009

Ray, I'm forwarding your email on to the Edubuntu Users mailing list,
they'll have much better suggestions than me. To the list, make sure
to CC Ray as I'm not sure if he's subscribed or not, thanks.

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From: Ray Smith <ray at compurite.co.za>
Date: Thu, Mar 5, 2009 at 2:57 AM
Subject: nic with bootrom
To: laserjock at ubuntu.com

Hi Jordan

We are based in White River Mpumalanga and are assisting a local
training collage to install EdUbuntu for the students. We are
struggling to find network cards with bootrom's. Do you know of a
supplier that we could try.

Sorry for the hassel. I have tried all the suppliers I know and I can
get Dlink cards but the delivery is 3-4 weeks.

Thank you

Ray Smith

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