Server Suddenly Started Hunging up

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Wed Mar 4 09:23:18 GMT 2009


On Tue, 03 Mar 2009, Nicolas Roussi wrote:

> I am guessing that it is. I recently configured a bind9 server on the
> network which is also the LDAP server but I disabled bind9. These are the
> files on the server that is not working. I have included hosts, hostname,
> interfaces, dhcpd.conf, ifconfig -a and resolv.conf. I am really puzzled
> about this. The help is greatly appreciated.

This seems to be the relevant file, ie this sets what the server itself
uses for DNS,

> nicolas at edubuntuS2:~$ cat /etc/resolv.conf
> nameserver
> nameserver

Can the server contact these dns servers?  You can test the dns servers
with something like:

	dig @
	dig @

A DNS issue might explain your delays with sudo.  I don't imagine it
explains much more than that though.


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