Server Suddenly Started Hunging up

Nicolas Roussi nroussi at
Mon Mar 2 18:03:21 GMT 2009

I have an LTSP 8.04 64 bit server with a few clients and it has been running
pretty well for the past few months. I have a large drive attached to it and
I use that for the /home for all my users. Since yesterday, every time I try
to run a command like sudo ... it takes for ever. It does not offer DHCP
anymore to any clients (I did the ltsp-update-keys).  It does not export the
/home to any other server and I cannot find anything in the logs to point me
to the problem. The only thing I installed on the server was the
gnome-watchdog with the --no-architecture flag enforced so that I could
install it on the 64bit. Any suggestions?


Nicolas Roussi
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