how about a community script repository?

David Groos djgroos at
Fri Jun 19 01:58:29 BST 2009

Thanks Jordan for addressing this need/resource.  While I can't address your
idea about using launchpad and bazaar repository and checking out code
quality as these are out of my expertise, they sound logical.  I can address
your idea about referencing them on the wiki/forum and think that is a great
idea--I would have been able to find them when I first started working with
Edubuntu and wasn't aware of lots of Edubuntu resources.  And, if we add
notes on all those pages about joining the edubuntu user and/or devel lists
for help in implementing these scripts that would be a double-whammy good
move.  Actually, having hints about joining these lists/communities would
have been good for me.  When a person (like me) repeatedly sees lots of
invites to join a community, the idea finally gets through my head :-)

Yes, I've got something to contribute (thanks to Don Sparish) and would do
so.  I would look through what others have offered and use as needed.

As always, thanks to all for your generous help in educating my students!

David G
Science Teacher
Minneapolis Public Schools

On Thu, Jun 18, 2009 at 2:45 PM, Jordan Mantha <laserjock at> wrote:

> So I was thinking today as I was reading the edubuntu-users thread
> about user management scripts that it's a real shame that we aren't
> doing more with what Edubuntu users around the world are doing to make
> their systems work better/faster/more efficiently/etc. Additionally,
> it's very easy for people to reinvent the wheel over, and over, and
> over just because they didn't know the tools that other people have
> already worked on.
> My idea is that maybe we can create a Launchpad project to collect and
> distribute this good work by Edubuntu users. The actual scripts can be
> put into a bazaar repository where people can contribute to them,
> collaborate together, and write some documentation (usually lacking in
> personal scripts). We can then promote the script repository on the
> wiki/website/user documentation.
> The concern would be to make sure that the scripts have some minimum
> quality and won't eat people machines, etc. A suggestion would be to
> have the "canonical" script repository be owned by the Edubuntu
> Members team so they can review contributions for obvious problems. Of
> course people would be free to upload their own branches on Launchpad,
> but we'd link to the canonical repository. We can write a simple "how
> to contribute" howto on the wiki for people who are not familiar with
> bazaar.
> Any thoughts? Is this a good idea? Would you want to contribute?
> Would you use such a repository?
> -Jordan
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