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Am Mon, 25 May 2009 11:26:57 -0400
schrieb Andy Figueroa <figueroa at>:
> I, too, am a one-man IT department for a small school.
> With the included Linux/Unix tools, additional tools don't seem to be
> called for.  Here is the script that I use to populate a fresh
> install of Edubuntu with users.  This only shows two users, but my
> real script is 153 of users long.  it's just a bash/shell script that
> you run from the command line (as root, or with sudo, of course):
> #!/bin/sh
> useradd -m -G scanner,plugdev,audio,video,cdrom,games,fuse
> -s /bin/bash cfreeman useradd -m -G
> scanner,plugdev,audio,video,cdrom,games,fuse -s /bin/bash jbfreeman
> echo "Run 'chpasswd < pw2' to establish initial password for new
> user."
> The second file (pw2) is just a text file listing users and their
> passwords like this:
> jbfreeman:notrealpw1
> cfreeman:notrealpw2
I thought it might be annoying to have to maintain two files and the
idea of using OpenOffice sounded quite nice, so I created a little
python script to add Users from a CSV-file. You can find it at:

It would be nice if you could test this script (back
up /etc/passwd, /etc/group and /etc/shadow first!) and tell me if I
missed something.
I think the issue with group memberships (groups
scanner,plugdev,audio,video,cdrom,games,fuse) calls for a system wide
solution: Just add 
to /etc/security/group.conf and all users logging in through gdm will
be granted membership in all necessary groups.
However, if this is not a solution for you, I could add a function to
the script to provide a list of groups membership should be granted to.

Any comments very appreciated.


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