application based problem..anyone seen

Jordan Erickson jerickson at
Mon Jun 1 17:12:57 BST 2009

There is no (and most likely will never be) a Shockwave Director plugin 
for Linux (see online petition with 35k signatures here: ). You could 
try using it with wine or cxoffice, but in my experience this doesn't 
work well in a TC environment at all. You'd probably be better off 
trying to get the website to change their platform. This is a big issue 
with SRA Open Court Online ( ) as well. 
It really sucks there's no workaround. It'd be nice if Flash had a 
Shockwave emulation mode or something, but I have no idea if that's even 
technically feasible. There's closed source software for ya, though.


Ken Campbell wrote:
> My school district is using Pearson web based product called envision. Using
> edubuntu 8.04 lab, thin client logs into this subscription based
> application.
> Within moments user is prompted to install shockwave. Session comes to
> abrupt halt. Research shows Linux not yet supporting shockwave. Anyone else
> encounter this type issue and if so, possible workaround?
> Thanks
> Kenneth Campbell

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