About teams

Ace Suares ace at suares.an
Sun Jul 26 17:24:15 BST 2009

Teams are a core part of Launchpad. Anybody can create a team, and then 
manage the membership of that team over time. You can have open teams, 
which anyone can join whenever they want, and closed teams, which 
require some approval before you can join them. Teams are used in 
Launchpad as a way of organising communities, and the mentoring system 
takes advantage of this. Often, people want to join a particular team 
(such as the ubuntu-dev team, who can upload new packages to Ubuntu). 
The Launchpad mentoring system allows us to point these folks at a list 
of bugs and blueprints which we think would be relevant for someone 
wanting to join this team, and for which mentorship is available. The 
Ubuntu community, for example, is made up of several hundred teams, and 
each of those can maintain a list of bugs and blueprints which are 
relevant to them and which people are willing to offer mentorship for. 
That means that newcomers can always be pointed to a single URL for a 
current list of "low hanging fruit", items that can be implemented 
easily and where an existing team member is available to answer questions.


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