Hiring Edubuntu Staff

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at ubuntu.com
Fri Jul 24 10:35:57 BST 2009

Hi Scott

R. Scott Belford wrote:
> For what it is worth, it is now nearly a year since I tracked down
> every key Canonical employee I could find at Linuxworld 2008, both at
> the conference and at after-hours events, to communicate two messages:
> the state of Edubuntu and its User community was having an *adverse*

I agree that the state of Edubuntu has been quite bad, and a bunch of us
have been working towards changing that. In my opinion, we've been
making some good progress under the circumstances for the Karmic release
and in particular, changes that will open up Edubuntu to more positive
things in the future (more space on installation media, access to the
universe repository, etc).

Isn't it a bit unfair though to say that the user community has an
adverse effect on the adoption of gnu/linux in education? I'd rather
applaud those (like you have mentioned below) for their unselfish work
rather than point out that it's insufficient. The demand for support out
there is really big and I believe it's better to attract more people to
help in supporting than to alienate those who are doing a great job already.

> *impact* on the adoption of gnu/linux in education, particularly in
> thin-client environments,and that two people should be hired - Gavin
> and Asmo.  As Ace observed, he actually thought Gavin worked for
> Canonical.  I used to think so, too.  Asmo has been instrumental at
> greeting and inspiring new users and help-seekers on this list, and he
> likes Frank Zappa.

Don't forget Jordan Mantha, without him there wouldn't even have been
any Edubuntu release the last 2 releases. He's been carying the bulk of
Edubuntu work even to his own detriment. I wholeheartedly agree with you
on Asmo and Gavin though.


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