ltsp local apps + nat + ....

Ace Suares ace at
Fri Jul 24 02:37:06 BST 2009

Dear Scott(s)

> If there is not the community to do it for you, and the experience has
> jaded the few remaining developers this much, is it possible that you
> just made a mistake trying to go it alone as evidenced by your
> results? 

This is a valid discussion point in itself, however, it can also hurt 
feelings so lets discuss this in a matter-of-fact manner.

> discussion of how to organize the Wiki so users can find how to do
> themselves is a completely pointless and unproductive discussion.

I have begin to clean up the wiki - and I'd like any hint that it might 
be a useless exercise to stay as far away as possible :-)

I think it would be good to evaluate the position of Edubuntu once we 
have cleaned up the documentation.

For one, the people that *do* use Edubuntu will be helped with that. And 
for two, it makes it easier to evaluate the whole project.



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