ltsp local apps + nat + ....

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Wed Jul 22 11:29:37 BST 2009


I received some emails overnight offering an alternative (simpler?) setup
for getting internet access to your thin client's local apps.

I'm not that convinced it's really simpler, but I guess it's no great harm
having alternatives.

Some more feedback on local apps is apparently here:

It's a little frustrating to have people complain on their blog about how
bad a wiki is, but yet not actually take the five minutes to correct it or
even draw attention to the problem in the community.  However, I know
the real developers have much greater frustrations.  I have attempted to
clarify the issues.

One issue seems to be that people don't realise that this will be necessary
at all and find firefox can't get internet access.  I've added a note to
the bottom of these pages to state that explicitly.

I hope that's okay.


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