Running LTSP server over Amazon Cloud

Stephen Zvolner smzvolner at
Tue Jan 27 21:37:59 GMT 2009

I am experimenting with the Amazon compute cloud.   As an experiment, I would like to run Edubuntu server in the cloud.
As a fist step, I would like to explore the feasibility of running an LTSP server over the Amazon compute cloud.  I am fairly new to 
this technology, but what I was wondering is if it is possible to configure the thin client machines to boot directly from the Internet,
where the LTSP server would reside, and not the local area network.  The LTSP server would have a fixed IP address.  However, I'm not sure how, or if, it is possible to configure the client machines to connect directly to the LTSP server running over the Internet, and not over a local area network.  Normally, the client obtains an IP address from a DHCP server (standalone or the one bundled with LTSP).  As I understand, this is accomplished by configuring the BIOS of the client machine to boot from the local area network.  In this case, however,  
the thin client must actually go out over the Internet to establish a connection and begin downloading the client software.  
If anyone can give me any guidance or suggestions as to how this might be accomplished or if this is even feasible.
Thanks you your help.

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