LTSP5 and openLDAP, first draft in finnish

Asmo Koskinen asmo.koskinen at
Tue Jan 27 09:39:06 GMT 2009

David Van Assche kirjoitti:

> Perhaps u can use that
> for the SASL and nfs part...

I didn't ;-). I have great tutor for me - Mikael Lammentausta. He did 
very first installation in workshop at Valamo.

But here we go again. Now with NFS.

I have this faithful little laptop - Asus Eee 701. I have lts.conf like 
this one for Eee:

X_CONF = /etc/X11/asus-eee-xorg.conf

1. Eee boots up.
2. Login by openLDAP.
3. There is no home for ltsp001 so openLDAP create it's on the fly in 
the NFS-server, same as openLDAP-server.
4. Eee is ready to use.
5. All automagically - best for very little children.

And this is from openLDAP-server

Jan 27 10:40:18 ubuntu mountd[5394]: authenticated mount request from for /home/ltsp001 (/home)

This is from LTSP5-server

Jan 27 10:42:04 ubuntu sshd[6904]: Accepted password for ltsp001 from port 56724 ssh2
Jan 27 10:42:04 ubuntu sshd[6925]: pam_unix(sshd:session): session 
opened for user ltsp001 by (uid=0)
Jan 27 10:42:04 ubuntu sshd[6925]: pam_mount(mount.c:182) realpath of 
volume "/home/ltsp001" is "/home/ltsp001"

Now SSl/SASL...

Best Regards Asmo Koskinen.

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