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Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Thu Jan 22 10:15:04 GMT 2009


On Wed, 21 Jan 2009, Sergio Dicandia wrote:

> Now I'm thinking to replace the DHCP server, but I need something on the
> server itself, or on a device (the router, maybe) since I cannot ask the
> teacher to:
> 1- start a service machine (acting as a DHCP server)
> 2 - wait until it's up&running
> 3 - start the server
> 4 - start the TCs
> Way too tricky for people used to switch on a general button and have all the PCs running (OK, WindowsME, but)
> What about a router ? I also need to assign fixed IPs to specific MAC adddresses to be able to use iTalc ...

Without looking in detail (yet) at your tcpdump, what I'd suggest is trying
to install one of the alternative dhcp servers on your ltsp server.  The
options I know of are udhcpd or dnsmasq.  I'm not certain of the config
details with those though.

The main reason for this is simply to be able to say "there _must_ be
something amiss in dhcpd".  Also, it will solve all your other issues
above in terms of not requiring users to do anything different.


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