issue where openoffice crashes thin clients

Jordan Erickson jerickson at
Fri Jan 9 18:17:57 GMT 2009

 From my LTSP setups (I looked at 2), HW accel was disabled by default, 
so that possible workaround is moot.

Please see bug reports I filed at the following URLs for more 
information on this issue and to post comments:


Gavin McCullagh wrote:
> Hi,
> some time back we has people with issues where thin clients  were being
> crashed by openoffice (and firefox).  The issue came down to the
> application pushing large amounts of pixmap (image) data onto the X server.
> Pixmaps are large uncompressed images and in thin clients, the X server
> runs on the thin client which ends up running out of memory.
> Bugs were reported against both firefox and openoffice.  Both have seen
> work to address them.  Jordan Erickson in particular has been very helpful
> in this.  Caolan MacNamara who works for Redhat has already patched one
> relevant issue.
> Some questions have been posted back on the openoffice issue:
>  "Does disabling hardware acceleration in the Tools->Options->View tabpage
>   change the behaviour? Other than that, I concur with hdu, please file me
>   a new issue for the slideshow problem."
> Could anyone who sees this issue please shout.  If possible, it would be
> great to have a test presentation document which would show this issue.
> Also, if you could try the change above and see does this workaround the
> issue, that might better help them understand the problem.
> Thanks,
> Gavin

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