LTSP client sometimes logs out unexpectedly...

Luis Miguel R. luismiguelro at
Mon Feb 23 10:26:20 GMT 2009

El viernes, 20 febrero del 2009 a las 10:13:30, David Groos escribió:
> Last weekend, while working on the LTSP server setup on an LTSP client, the
> client all of a sudden logged out all of a sudden!  It was strange!  This
> has happened maybe 4 times since then--I haven?t figured out a pattern.
> Didn?t know exactly which log to check out so reviewed them all but nothing
> stood out.  I?ve googled but to no avail.  Anyone heard of this?
> Thanks
> David

Hello, for things like this I dont want LTSP (yet), how many hours are
you willing to waste fixing extrange and undocumented errors and

For me LTSP isnt mature yet, you cant compare it to other linux
solutionss, firewall, databases, data servers, internet servers, all are
mature technologies, well supported and very well documented, if a
problem appears you allways find the solution searching on the web,
mailing lists, forums, etc, but with LTSP...


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