On the news: World's Largest Desktop Virtualization Deployment - 356,800 Green Workstations

Mika Pflüger mail at mikapflueger.de
Wed Feb 18 12:04:46 GMT 2009


On Wed, 18 Feb 2009 13:30:18 +0200
Asmo Koskinen <asmo.koskinen at arkki.info> wrote:
> Asmo Koskinen kirjoitti:
> > I this school system Fedora based? Pop-up window on the video has 
> > Fedora-logo?
> I think it is:
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CF39-zLGOoo
> Is this system pure LTSP or something else (FreeNX, VNC)?

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Userful (half of the article is
actually marketing, but it still contains information) - as I understand
it, it is a modified Fedora 8 that uses a multihead configuration
and/or virtualized Xservers. Sounds somehow complicated, but, well, as
long as it works.
If I get it right, they use fat clients / stand alone systems, just
attaching 10 display/keyboard/mouse combinations on each (I guess
five dualhead grafic cards, maybe using pci risers and usb-hubs). But I
don't quite understand why they should virtualize the Xservers - they
could just run multiple Xclients, but frankly I have only heard about
multihead systems, never tried one myself.



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