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Leonardo Canducci leonardo.canducci at
Mon Dec 21 11:39:23 GMT 2009

2009/12/20 Leonardo Canducci <leonardo.canducci at>:
> I found a couple of interesting products:
> 3com Baseline Switch 2026 (24 10/100 ports + 2 gigabit 150€)
> dlink des 1026g (same as above, 126€)
> netgear gs116 (16 gigabit ports, 138€)
> dlink dgs1016g (same as above, 135€)
> So switches with 24 10/100 +2gigabit ports or 16 gigabit ports cost
> about the same. Considering that I need 12 ports, what's best for me?
> Oh... and I've got a new question: I can't check until tomorrow, but
> what if all cables are CAT5 only? Should I discard any gigabit option?
I realized my deadline is tomorrow morning so I really need to come up
with a decision today.

I need a switch to connect a ltsp server, 10 clients and a gateway. I
have CAT5E and CAT6 cabling and realtek gigabit integrated NICs.

Considering that price is the same and that right now I only need 12
ports, should I buy a 16 gigabit ports switch or a 26ports (24x100Mbit
+ 2xgigabit) switch?
The first choice is the obvious one, the second should prevent
bottlenecks on the ltsp server (on a gigabit port) and allow switch
future reuse in bigger classrooms.

Leonardo Canducci

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