Firefox and Flash as local app

Joseph Hartman jlhartman at
Sun Aug 30 09:23:10 BST 2009

Got it done today. Firefox and flash both work pretty much flawlessly. I
haven't had time to test them with lots of students but they'll be here on
Monday. I dumbed down the chmod-resolv page and created a new page for
beginners on how to install firefox and flash as a local app at

I tried to get it set up with XFCE but it wouldn't work for me for some
reason. Plus that list hasn't responded to my questions about enabling kiosk
mode in XFCE 4.6 so I ended up getting it to work with both GNOME and KDE,
but I will stick to GNOME b/c it runs faster. Which brings me to my question
for this message:

Is GNOME Watchdog still necessary? The wiki page says it applies to 8.04
only. Is that accurate?

BTW, when I open firefox it doesn't say "on LTSP20" or anything like that in
the title bar to indicate it is running locally, but flash screams like a
banshee so it must be working.

Thanks again all -joe
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