Edubuntu 8.04 LiveCD query

graydebowen at graydebowen at
Thu Apr 2 20:17:19 BST 2009

I installed Ubuntu 8.10 and then Edubuntu on top.  To be honest the 
Edubuntu stuff varies in application from early years to sixth form.  
Some of it is more 'fun' than education, what is mr potato head doing 
in there?  Might I dare to suggest that you just install vanilla Ubuntu 
and pull down the packages that you need.  GANTT project does not seem 
to be part of the Edubuntu 'set' but works, does the job and being Java 
based has a compatible Windows version.

Moving to the edge of my comfort zone the Ubuntu 8.10 alt install (and 
for all I know the desktop) has an icon to create a USB stick version.  
Would this pull all the installed packages from the local machine or 
pull down the latest 'set' from the source servers?  I suggest choosing 
the packages that you want to show carefully and creating USB boot 
disks to demonstrate  those packages.  You will probably need 4Gb + 
sticks but at today's prices that is not a big issue.

Personally I am working with LTSP.  You can create an LTSP server with 
your chosen set up and drag that along to demo the suggested packages.  
For this purpose there might only be 3 or 4 clients for the audience to 
play on so you would not need a heavy server but 2 NICs ,makes the job 
a lot easier.  For vanilla Ubuntu LTSP get the Ubuntu alt disk. hit f4 
on install to choose LTSP and you are good to go.

I am barely starting in Linux but open source and LTSP (Ubuntu and 
Fedora) in education is my current area of research.  If you want help 
from a noobie perspective feel free to contact.  

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