Edubuntu 8.04 LiveCD query

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at
Thu Apr 2 19:42:06 BST 2009

Hi Bret

Bret Busby wrote:
> Please advise whether Edubuntu 8.04 is available as a single Live CD or
> DVD image.

Unfortunately the Edubuntu Live CD's aren't available anymore.

Ubuntu has grown to the point where it has become plenty of work to
ensure that it fits on a single CD when shipped, which means that
software already has to be removed to accommodate any educational
software that may be added for Edubuntu. Also, LTSP has become
incredibly simple to install with a default Ubuntu system, so much so
that it isn't necessary for a dedicated installation disc if you want to
 install an LTSP classroom. Taking these two factors into account,
Edubuntu became an add-on disc to Ubuntu, allowing more software and
translations to be shipped. Previously, the Ubuntu LiveCD and the
Edubuntu LiveCD were probably more than 90% identical. That's not very
efficient or "green" as they would say these days.

Fortunately, there's a partial solution to the problem.

You can use the "Create USB startup disk" function from the System
Administration menu to create a Live USB disk from the Live CD. Then,
you can boot to that disk and set up a unionfs where changes to the
livecd is written to another partition on the usb disk. You can then
proceed to install the add-on CD on the usb flash disk and use that as a

I know it's a bit more work and not ideal for your situation, but it
might be a workaround for now.


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