Clonezilla and DRBL

Harry Sweet hsweet at
Fri Sep 19 00:21:00 BST 2008

Great program but don't install it on a production LTSP machine.  
You can use almost anything with enough hard drive space, or even add
an extra (boot ble) drive with Ubuntu but without LTSP to the same box.

Our first try was on an extra drive with LTSP already installed.  We got it to work,
but there were 2 conflicting DHCP setups to coordinate.

The only other problem was that the instructions were yellow on our screen and so hard to 
read and translation was less than perfect.

>>> "Krsnendu dasa" <krsnendu108 at> 09/15/08 5:25 PM >>>
Has anyone used DRBL on Edubuntu with LTSP?

I have to clone a few WinXP machines and thought this would be the easiest
way to do it.
Are there any tricks to set it up? Is it easy to integrate with LTSP?

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