Minimum client expectations, LTSP Triage

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how about incliding the kdrive for this kind of machines it has a smaller memory foot print 

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Which brings an idea into play... Would it be possible to create a
useful telnet terminal that can do a number of things like in the old
vms days. So you are presented with a simple menu like so:

1. email (don't need graphics for this one, just pine or mutt or something)
2. web (we use linx or lynx with a predefined set of eductational
websites that are linx friendly)
3. irc (this one is relatively easy since its been around since the
beginning of time)
4. exit to shell

Might not be useful in all environments, but it would allow reuse of
old old systems and bring a serious speedup to the network. If all a
user wants is information or to send an email (often the case) we send
them to one of these text only terminals....

David Van Assche

On Sun, Sep 14, 2008 at 7:26 PM, Oliver Grawert <ogra at> wrote:
> hi,
> On So, 2008-09-14 at 18:59 +0200, ltsp at wrote:
>> "Certainly, within some small spaces, we may be able to optimize
>> things, but the
>>    bottom line is, that old 486 with 16 megs of memory simply
>> going to work
>>    as a thin client any more."
>> Of course an old 486 with 16 m ram will work as a thin client!! you
> sadly the 2.6.xx kernels need about 32M to uncompress and load the
> intramfs alone ... 8.10 will solve a bit of that, booting 24M might be
> possible with inrepid ibex ...
> 486 CPUs shouldnt be any prob though as long as you install
> linux-image-i386 in the client environment ...
> :)
> indeed thats nothing to do serious stuff with beyond telnetting or
> running a shell driven database frontend ...
> ciao
>        oli
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