show stopper for us: dev nbd0 clients locking up losing connection with server

john lists.john at
Fri Sep 12 21:45:59 BST 2008

> OK, first thing I'd do is add in say 256 megs of NBD swap (assuming you've got
> the disk space) with something like:

Ok, I assume the proper place for this is /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/lts.conf

I added the line you indicated. Now that file reads:


> and edit /etc/ltsp/nbdswapd.conf
> SIZE=256\

Ok, there wasn't already an /etc/ltsp/nbdswapd.conf so I created one
and added the line you mentioned.

my /etc/ltsp directory now has the following files in it.

dhcpd.conf  nbdswapd.conf  syslogd

BTW, Where is the disk space being used? I assume this is on the
server? Could you explain this a little more fully?

> Also, within the thin client chroot, when they freeze up, can you ctrl-alt-f1
> and get the login prompt?

The clients are currently completely frozen. I can't get an alternate
tty, however I am game to try this out if I get one that

  If so, here might be an interesting test:
> Set a root passwd in the chroot:
> chroot /opt/ltsp/i386
> passwd
> Rebuild your image, then if you get a latch-up, c-a-f1 to the text login, go in
> as root, and use the free command to see if you've run out of ram, and run
> dmesg to see what the client thinks is going on.



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