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Scott Balneaves sbalneav at legalaid.mb.ca
Thu Sep 11 20:49:05 BST 2008

On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 12:15:48PM -0700, Jordan Erickson wrote:
> I seem to remember this conversation just last week. ;)
> Please see LTSP-Developer thread: 
> http://marc.info/?l=ltsp-developer&m=121559909600744&w=2
> There is a patch involved, lts.conf variable, but hasn't had any action 
> based upon last message regarding external dependency.
> Let's get the ball rolling on this, I'd love to see it backported to 
> Hardy as it's an issue at all of my sites as well.

Well, short term, I'd say you could resolve it in one of two ways:

1) Putting it on the server, as I've described previously
2) I wouldn't want to accept that patch, because hardcoding numlockx into the
greeter's just... ewww.  We've got an rc.d mechanism, so you could just do 
something along the lines of installing numlockx within the chroot, then
creating a ${CHROOT}/usr/share/ldm/rc.d/10numlock that goes something like:

if [ -n "${LDM_NUMLOCK}" ]; then
    numlockx "${LDM_NUMLOCK}"

Personally, I prefer 1, since, on the server, you know who the user is.

So, for instance, if you have a server with 30 terminals, 15 users WANT their
numlock turned on, and 15 people want it off, you can add the 15 people into a
"numlock" group, and do something cool like: (in an
/etc/X11/Xsession.d/10numlock file)

NUMLOCKSTATUS=$(id | grep numlock)

if [ -n "${NUMLOCKSTATUS}" ]; then
    numlockx on

Doing it within the chroot ties numlock to the terminal i.e. you can set
LDM_NUMLOCK = on in your lts.conf, and anyone who sits at that TERMINAL gets
their numlock turned on.  My preferred way (on the server) means that a
particular USER gets their numlock desires honoured, whichever terminal they
sit at.

Or at least, that's my reasoning.


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