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Thu Sep 11 18:11:59 BST 2008

The LTSP packages already are packages that can be added to any
installation.  The new hardy method of modifying an existing ubuntu desktop
installation hides the fact the terminal server functions are provided by
only a handful of packages that can be installed in any *buntu flavour.
At a school I moved to edubuntu I used an ubuntu server installation that I
then installed the packages xorg-x11, ltsp-server, xfce4, firefox and
openoffice on.  ltsp-server pulled in dependencies of the daemons and tools
necessary for creating and booting a thin client environment.  This method
means each thin client uses less resources and I was able to mostly side
step the persistent process problem since none of the gnome applications
that cause the issue in the first place are installed.

On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 12:51 PM, Jim Christiansen <
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> I agree that LTSP should be a set of packages that could be installed into
> any flavor of Ubuntu.  This would reach a broader spectrum of existing
> Ubuntu users.  Perhaps some sort of critical mass could be reached where it
> really begins to roll.
> Jim
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