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Todd O'Bryan toddobryan at
Thu Sep 11 11:34:53 BST 2008

On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 1:22 PM, Scott Balneaves <sbalneav at>wrote:

> However, I have a proposition.  I have a whole whack of different thin
> clients
> at home, most I've bought, some I've had donated to me.  I *don't* however,
> have a DevonIT unit, which seems to be a common sore point with people
> here.
> If someone would like to ship me one, I'd be happy to do some testing, and
> possible tweaking with it.


Thanks for the offer! I only have 30 clients, but I don't have any classes
with 30 kids this year, so I could send you one of my clients for you to
play with for a while. I'd need to get it back after a few weeks--the school
board gets annoyed if we try to give away stuff we've bought with public
funds--but I'd be happy to pay for shipping there and back.

Email me off-list with address info and I can probably stick it in the mail
today or tomorrow.

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