Installing LTSP from CD

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at
Mon Sep 8 10:34:23 BST 2008


On Mon, 08 Sep 2008, David Ally wrote:

> Please let's make this information complete, on the link below, it
> started with installing fresh from CD, but did not say anything about
> installing LTSP on a system that already has Ubuntu on it from CD. The
> command given normally download from other sources and not from CD.
> So, what do we have to do to install LTSP on a system that has Ubuntu
> already installed from CD-ROM drive?

I don't recommend putting this in the wiki,  but I think this is the
answer you want.

If you installed using the edubuntu cdrom, that cd should already be
configured as a source for apt.  If you pop the cd in and do 
	apt-get install edubuntu-desktop

(or select it and install with the package manager) it should take the
packages from the cdrom.

If you didn't install from the edubuntu cdrom (which is likely), you can
get one, pop it in the drive and do

	apt-cdrom add

or click System->Administration->Software Sources, click the "3rd Party
Software" tab and click "add cdrom".  Then you should be able to install it
as above.


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