gpaint status in Intrepid

Jordan Mantha laserjock at
Sat Sep 6 00:34:55 BST 2008

Hi all,

Caroline Ford did a blitz-triage through gpaint the other day and
after having a chat with her today I'd like to get some feedback on
whether we should really be shipping gpaint for Intrepid. Here are
some of the issues:
  * - If you try to use the
line width drop-down X freezes and you have to kill gpaint from
virtual console.
  * - There is an Effects menu
but none of the effects are actually implemented
  * (and 8 dups) - gpaint
crashes when you change the font
  * - image rotation doesn't work

Additionally, upstream seems a bit dead so I don't foresee all these
issues being fixed before Intrepid is released. So my question is,
should we consider dropping gpaint? Caroline and I were trying to
think of some alternatives that could be used to roughly replace it.
The only good candidate I could think of was krita (KDE Office suite
drawing tool). We're already installing gimp (advance bitmap editor),
inkscape (vector drawing), and tuxpaint ( for ages < 10 years old ). I
think Caroline is going to do a quick review of krita to see how
useful it would be in an educational setting. Because it's already in
Main it can be easily added to the CD and I believe we should have
plenty of room for some additional KDE deps it will bring in.

Thoughts? Suggestions?


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