system still crawling.... help

Luis Montes monteslu at
Mon Oct 6 09:33:46 BST 2008

Jordan Erickson wrote:
> Are those NBD logs still happening frequently?
Constantly. Even after doing the standard ltsp-update-image

> I wouldn't say 128MB is enough, no. Not for things like Firefox / OOo, 
> since they take their fair share (getting better though) of local X 
> server RAM (which is on the client). Of course it should be plenty to 
> get to an LDM login prompt, though.
That's a shame. I used to be able to get away with 64MB on some of my 
older thin clients.

> Have you tried updating your chroot to the latest packages? I 
> apologize if you've said you did in an earlier post.. but if you 
> haven't try looking here - it's fixed a few problems for me recently 
> involving NBD_SWAP issues: 
> - I would also like to know if that page contains any errors since I 
> wrote it just last week.

This is excellent information. I'll try it out first thing in the 
morning. Thanks for documenting it.

Unfortunately gdm is still giving me problems (server hanging on 
"Starting Gnome Display Manager"), and I still think I need to get 
passed that on the server before the thin clients will come back online.


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