system crawling....

Luis Montes monteslu at
Thu Oct 2 15:17:59 BST 2008

Gavin McCullagh wrote:
> Hi,
> On Wed, 01 Oct 2008, Luis Montes wrote:
> Agreed.  Can you look back through /var/log/syslog and /var/log/messages
> during the time and see if there's anything that might indicate the source
> of the issue?
> One possibility might be a rogue process hogging all system RAM which
> eventually might have been killed by the kernel (that kill would be
> logged).  There are many more possibilities though.

Looks like there's been over 5000 errors like this:
 "Oct  1 09:32:24 kernel: [152372.345437] end_request: I/O 
error, dev nbd0, sector 200314"
 since yesterday morning.

> As far as I know, in LTSP5 gdm is not needed.  It was in LTSP4 because gdm
> was what the clients connected to.  However, as the client runs its own
> display manager and starts a session over ssh, I don't think gdm running
> is necessary.  Presumably you've observed something that makes you think it
> is?
> Gavin
GDM hanging definitely stops the thin clients from booting up. This is a 
little harder for me to debug because I don't yet quite get exactly how 
the new event based launcher works.
What happened monday was that apparently X stopped liking (maybe there 
was an update) my server's ATI ES 1000. I finally was able to switch to 
framebuffer and that got passed "Starting Gnome display manager", which 
then allowed some other service to start which allowed the thin clients 
to boot.


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