Problem with USB pendrive with 8.04

Sergio Dicandia sdicandia at
Mon Nov 24 22:44:45 GMT 2008

I'm having troubles with pendrive on my Edubuntu 8.04 lab.
Everything went fine with 7.10, but then the school purchased a new server and I installed a fresh 8.04.
Well, everything is running fine except pendrives: as soon as I plug one in the server, it shows on every thinclient desktop, and an error message pops out with an error on dbus or something similar.
Googleing around I found a suggestion to edit /etc/dbus-1/system.d/hal.conf setting a group based policy, but now I only get an error mesage stating the user has no rights to show the content of the pendrive.

Please note I have a [Default] section in my lts.conf with a LOCALDEV=True line ...

Any clues ?

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