This is probably a stupid question

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Thu Nov 20 18:41:11 GMT 2008

ubuntu-desktop isn't a mandatory package for a thin client server per se but
some of its dependencies are required for serving thin clients.  I myself
run a edubuntu installation that started as ubuntu-server and had the
necessary packages (and nothing else) bolted on by running:
apt-get install ltsp-server nbd-server dhcp3-server
this pulls in, nbd and dhcp which are required for think client
booting and having something to display on the thin client displays.  Since
the thin clients are booting that means dhcp and nbd are working at the very

Since no passwords are working the most likely your ssh keys didn't get
created correctly.  try running:
sudo ltsp-update-sshkeys && sudo ltsp-update-image
note that the order matters.  sshkeys must come before the image.  After
this is done reboot the thin clients and try logging in with an account on
the server.

The other possibility is the server is not running the X server which makes
logging in using a thin client impossible.  If X is not running on the
server either start it up or install a display manager (xdm is nice and
lightweight and runs at boot) to start it for you.  You do need a default X
session to log into as well so make sure there is at least one window
manager installed.  gnome (metacity is the window manager), xfce4, fluxbox
or one of the others available would all work fine.

Hopefully one of these solves the issue and is something you haven't tried

Luke Taylor

On Thu, Nov 20, 2008 at 1:24 PM, Madzsar, Andrew <amadzsar at
> wrote:

> OK, I am sure this will show my naivety...
> When setting up a thin client server I was trying to mess around and
> conserve resources by NOT intalling ubuntu-desktop.  I onl;y installed
> the ssh server and the thin client server pieces.  I found after
> running ltsp-build-client my thin clients would start up and get to a
> log in screen, but no username or password works.  I am assuming that
> this is because ltsp-build-client at some point gets the user info
> from ubuntu-desktop.  So I thought I could probably manually create an
> account (I've done it in OS X, it can't be too much different here?)
> but now I'm thinking that there is a reason you are supposed to
> install ubuntu-desktop.  Is there anyone that could shed some light on
> this.
> Just looking for a little knowledge...
> -Andrew
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