Blocking users and games during schooltime

Mattias Hemmingtsson matte at
Thu Nov 20 07:40:58 GMT 2008

Thanks for you tips :-)
I thing a start working on a script that change the rights for the
differnt games so that the users cant start the games.
Then a kill all games running.

After that kill all processes for that user (the user will be log out)

Then set the user to nologin 
Here is the problem the user is from a LDAP server dont fick there is no
easy way to block this :-) 
Will search some more forum for any answer

// Matte

ons 2008-11-19 klockan 22:23 +0200 skrev Mika Pflüger:
> Hi,
> > Maybe you could hack 
> > together a cron script to join/remove the autologin user from a group 
> > that has access/does not have access to the games from the menu (of 
> > course if your users are savvy enough they can figure out how to
> > launch it anyway, but this might deter the majority of them).
> > 
> > You can also manually modify the menu entries, or simply remove the 
> > games. Can't really think of any other way, of course the morning is 
> > still young.
> Maybe you could remove /usr/games from the path. Of course the very
> intelligent users will still figure out, how to play games, but its
> somewhat harder.
> If you really don't want them to play games, you could chgrp /usr/games
> to a group, that everybody but the users that shouldn't be allowed to
> play games belongs to. And of course, after that 
> chmod -R o-rx /usr/games .
> That would be quite a safe solution. I guess, the kids will then play
> online games in the firefox.
> > > So now i thinkin of some kind of script that 
> > > log out users from the server and kills all user processes.
> > > Then change so that the users cant loggin (client uses auto login)
> > > and change the rights for some programs so that the other clients
> > > that are allow to login in cant play any games for an example.
> I really can't think of a good solution for disabling specific programs
> at specific times. Whereas it might work for /usr/games, some games may
> actually be loacted somewhere else, or users could copy their games
> from /usr/games to home directories. 
> However, to prevent users from loging in, take a look at man 5 nologin.
> It might be a generic way to prevent log in, you could just touch and
> rm the file in a cronjob. But for loging people out you have to do
> something else. Maybe a
> pkill -u [username]
> does the job, but in order to be sure, everything is logged out, you
> should wait some seconds and fire a
> pkill -KILL -u [username]
> after that. That will log out the specified user.
> > > Is more problematic for I use ldap and NFS for handeling my users.
> That shouldn't affect the issue too much.
> Greetings,
> Mika Pflüger

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