Blocking users and games during schooltime

Jordan Erickson jerickson at
Wed Nov 19 19:00:10 GMT 2008

You might want to look into the 'edubuntu-menus' package - I haven't 
looked at it myself but it apparently can modify XDG (Gnome/other) 
menus/menu items based on group membership. Maybe you could hack 
together a cron script to join/remove the autologin user from a group 
that has access/does not have access to the games from the menu (of 
course if your users are savvy enough they can figure out how to launch 
it anyway, but this might deter the majority of them).

You can also manually modify the menu entries, or simply remove the 
games. Can't really think of any other way, of course the morning is 
still young.


Mattias Hemmingtsson wrote:
> Hi !
> I have some comupter that stands in the corrdor of the school.
> This does that i have some kids that uses this computers during
> schooltime. 
> So now i thinkin of some kind of script that 
> log out users from the server and kills all user processes.
> Then change so that the users cant loggin (client uses auto login)
> and change the rights for some programs so that the other clients that
> are allow to login in cant play any games for an example.
> Is more problematic for I use ldap and NFS for handeling my users.
> // matte 

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