ABOUT Convincing a school district to migrate from OS X to Ubuntu or Edubuntu

Marco Antonio Feliciano Del Valle feliciano-del-valle at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 18 14:37:06 GMT 2008

Greetings for all of you in this great list.
My english isn't good, but I'm try to give some hints about this issue.
You aren't explain what kind of macs you have in your school. But, if your
machines are Intel-Based macs, you doesn't have any problems.
I personally have a hybrid network (Windows XP Professional and Ubuntu 8.10
sharing cable-tv based Internet conection) without problems. Of course, my
Windows-based PC runs Panda Internet Security 2009.
Changing OS in a network is huge and may concern your superiors, specially
if they does't know much about computers or networks.  Also in your
institution exist a way to work, a way to manage the network, a way to backup
data and lots of money invested in the systems. Is logic and reasonable about the
worries of your superiors, because if the institution doesn't have recent backups
of the data, much of it may lost. It doesn't means Ubuntu cannot work in the way
you suggest, but any changes in a network must be done with slow pace.
You can install Ubuntu using Wubi (I don't know if Cannonical write a version for
mac) to install Ubuntu in a separate partition and d select the OS in the next boot.
You can also boot your machine using Ubuntu Live CD and install your OS in
a separate partition, and configure your system using the existing server. Ubuntu
works with most servers (Microsoft Server 2003, Novell Netware) without problems.
I suggest you run a few machines experimentally with Ubuntu, without uninstall the
factory's OS. Also you can use one machine for Ubuntu Classroom Server. Run this
configuration experimentally and look the reaction of the users. Of course, you can
install OpenOffice.Org and lots of educational software for your school.
In order to maintain good relationships with your superiors, I suggest again to install
Ubuntu to a few machines experimentally. Consult with your superiors about this choice,
and, if they agree, install Ubuntu with the configuration I sugest to you.
Thank you very much and long live Ubuntu.
Professor Marco Antonio Feliciano Del Valle
Ponce, Puerto Rico
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