adding LTSP to 8.10 Desktop

dbclinton dbclin at
Mon Nov 17 18:02:02 GMT 2008

I've installed 8.10 Desktop to the two office computers at work (whether
they like it or not...we're going Ubuntu!) and I've been having trouble
networking them. Since I'm more familiar with thin clients from my home
network, I'm considering moving to LTSP. On the other hand, I'd rather
not give up the current install - especially the one on the computer
that would become the server. What packages and tweaks are needed to add
LTSP to the 8.10 Desktop? I'd be more daring but, as I don't have a lot
of time to play around at work and I'm still using 7.10 at home so
experiments here won't be all that useful.
David Clinton

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