[ILUG] Edubuntu in Primary school. Help needed.

Gavin McCullagh gmccullagh at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 21:28:50 GMT 2008


On Mon, 10 Nov 2008, Paul Harrison wrote:

> We have 30 thin clients, a mix of Pentium 3s with 128MB ram and Pentium
> 4s with 512MB ram. Our server is a Dell precision with two Pentium Xeon
> 1.7GHz processors and 2GB ram. We have installed Ubuntu 8 Hardy Heron and
> the Edubuntu add-on package.

For 30 thin clients working concurrently, I'd suggest you probably need
more RAM in the server.  I'd look to upgrade to 4GB.  In the grand scheme
of things, it's not that expensive to do (at least if you don't buy from

> The thin clients are connecting and running but we are having some
> problems.  We would greatly appreciate some help/advice with our project.

No problem.

> We can be contacted at the school 01-8259933, 9am to 2.30pm - Ask for
> Breandan or 086-1551109 for myself, Paul Harrison.

Without meaning to sound awkward, the best way to move forward is for you
to describe your problem(s) in an email on this list, either one at a time
or together but clearly separated within the email.  Be as descriptive as
possible.  This means more people will be involved in the conversation,
more people will learn from it and more people will contribute to it.

Also, you may want to post these questions to the edubuntu-users mailing
list.  Everyone on that list is using edubuntu and it included the
developers of edubuntu so if there's a standard edubuntu problem we might
not be aware of it, but they would.



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