Edubuntu-Ltsp-Server-Installation not for beginners?

Reiner Schmid reischmid at
Mon Nov 10 18:58:01 GMT 2008


I worked with all versions of Edu-Terminalservers (Dapper, Edge, Feisty, 
Gutsy, Hardy). And now I installed a new Intrepid-Terminalserversystem 
with the alternate-CD and the Edubuntu-Addon-CD.
I think there are more possibilities in Edubuntu than ever (like Italc 
and localapps), but on the other side it is more difficult to build up a 
new ltsp-server (Intrepid!) for beginners.

The installation (alternate-CD) of the new coded personal folder makes 
problems for loging in for other user on the clients. The new 
network-manager is fine for a desktop-PC, but it disturbs the 
installation of the two network cards of my server. So I had to remove 
the network manager package and I had to change manually the files for 
networking and DNS. Also the avahi-autoip seems to disturb the functions 
of the terminalserver-system. So I removed it, too.
In future I want to show other teacher how easy it is to build up the 
Edu-Terminalserver-System. But now I think you need good experience  to 
manage teh installation. The manual  is too old, the first steps  not 
sufficient for a beginner, the needed informations are hidden in the 
Wiki or ..?.


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