Edubuntu LTSP Reload

Jordan Erickson jerickson at
Fri Nov 7 19:32:30 GMT 2008

Hey Steve,

Try installing the Edubuntu packages - here's a list of Edubuntu related 
applications to install:

$ apt-cache search edubuntu
app-install-data-edubuntu - Edubuntu add-on data for gnome-app-install
edubuntu-addon-kde - Edubuntu add-on packages for the KDE desktop
edubuntu-addon-legacy - Edubuntu add-on packages from older releases
edubuntu-addon-science - Edubuntu add-on packages for science education
edubuntu-addon-young - Edubuntu add-on packages for young children
edubuntu-artwork - edubuntu themes and artwork
edubuntu-artwork-usplash - edubuntu artwork for usplash
edubuntu-desktop - edubuntu desktop system
edubuntu-desktop-kde - edubuntu desktop system with KDE desktop
edubuntu-docs - The Ubuntu Documentation Project - Edubuntu Documentation
edubuntu-server - edubuntu servers
classmate-initramfs - classmate specific initramfs settings
edubuntu-addon-light - Edubuntu add-on packages for a light desktop
edubuntu-menus - group-driven menus for Edubuntu
gnome-watchdog - cleans up gnome user session of Edubuntu and checks if 
a user is logged in already.


Steve Wu wrote:
> I had to reinstall my Edubuntu 8.04 LTSP today. It's been a long while 
> since I installed but I used the 8.04 "additional CD" to install my 
> LTSP server. That's all good, changed the DHCP file and my clients are 
> able to connect. But, none of the educational softare (Tux, astronomy, 
> etc.) is there.
> What step did I miss to install the educational software?  Any help 
> would be greatly appreciated.
> Thx!

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