Eee Box and booting with PXE ?

Thierry Munoz thierry.munoz at
Thu Nov 6 23:12:07 GMT 2008

I found some infos here :
I understood that the EEE Box can boot on PXE (this option exists on the 
but there 's a problem with the NIC Realtek (RTL8169 NIC chip) that can 
be solved under LinuxMCE 
Maybe is that problem solved with the new kernels ?

Using the EEE Box as a thin client is a solution that seems to me more 
and more interesting.
Have you some advices to give me ?



Thierry Munoz a écrit :
> Hello,
> For my school, I have created an local network with a server (AMD Athlon 
> x2 3800 mhz, 2 Go Ram, HD 300 Go, gigabit ethernet with Ubuntu 8.04) and 
> 7 thin clients : it works but the thin clients (those which are about 10 
> years old) work very slowly (sometimes, one freeze). So I want to change 
> my old PCs (pentium 233 mhz, 64 Mo) because the starting time is very 
> long and there are very slow under Firefox or OOo.
> I think that this Eee Box could be an interesting choice (and more with 
> a linux OS rather than XP) to work as thin client.
> So I would have informations about the EeeBox used as a thin client : I 
> saw the experience (thanks to Asmo) with a EeePc but no one with EeeBox 
> (B202). The EeeTop (or EeeMonitor) solution is too expensive for us : an 
> EeeBox (80 Go) with a 22'' wide monitor, keyboard and mice would cost 
> about 380 € in France.
> So, can the EeeBox boot on PXE and work with LTSP ?
> Thanks for yours responses,
> Thierry

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