LTSP 8.10

Joseph Hartman jlhartman at
Wed Nov 5 21:06:58 GMT 2008

Hi all, I am trying to use Xubuntu 8.10 as an LTSP server and with this new
network manager in xfce I can't figure out how to setup the second NIC (the
one connecting to the switch) correctly.

I tried changing the eth0 card from automatic (DHCP) to manual and then
added as the IP address and as the subnet mask,
but then I have to put something in for the gateway before I can click "OK".
I tried putting in 0 for the gateway and that let me proceed, but then when
I check on the settings again it has my gateway as and my subnet
mask as 24. Trying this setup my thin clients aren't booting even though the
connection information says both cards are active and even after I sudo
ltsp-update-sshkeys. When I restart the computer all the settings for eth0
are reset to automatic (DHCP) too. Can anyone help me just set this second
NIC card to and keep it that way? Thanks -joe
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