Sabayon not working in Hardy

Jordan Mantha mantha at
Mon Mar 31 20:01:39 BST 2008

Richard Doyle wrote:
> On Tue, 2008-04-01 at 03:58 +1300, Krsnendu dasa wrote:
>> Has anyone tried edubuntu-menus? Sounds like it would do part of what
>> I want.
> As far as I can tell, edubuntu-menus was never implemented, but you can
> do much of what it proposes with alacarte. 

edubuntu-menus is roughly implemented. There is a bug in the Gutsy 
package that I've fixed in Hardy where it messes with non-menu stuff in 
/etc/xdg/ such as autostart stuff. If people want I can give them 
details on how to fix it. The only real problem (and it's a big one 
really) with edubuntu-menus is that there's no easy way to edit the 
menus. I created the menus by hand. It's not that difficult but requires 
some knowledge of how the menu system works, and again if anybody needs 
some help doing that I'm happy to help. But, we don't have a good way of 
using a gui to edit the menus.

The idea behind edubuntu-menus is to have a way for teachers and school 
admins to give each student a customized menu by adding them to 
different groups. So an elementary school student might be added to the 
edubuntu-basic group only and so they have a single menu (no submenu) of 
essential apps without getting lost in the apps for the older students. 
A secondary student taking science classes could be added to the 
edubuntu-science and edubuntu-basic groups and get science apps in 
addition to the basic menu.

> One thing to watch out for though, is that users can modify their own
> menus via a right-click. Edubuntu actually uses a different menu editor
> for this, named gmenu-simple-editor. If you lock down alacarte to keep
> users from modifying their own menus, you must also lock down
> gmenu-simple-editor.

I believe Edubuntu uses the same editor as Ubuntu (alacarte) although I 
believe if alacarte is not available Gnome tries to use 
gmenu-simple-editor so that would be why you would need to lock down both.


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