Parental control & whitelisting in a classroom

Sergio Dicandia sdicandia at
Tue Mar 25 20:17:18 GMT 2008


I'm starting an Edubuntu lab in a primary (K12) school in Italy, with a P4/3Ghz server and ten PIII/800 thin clients. 
Kids just need - and teachers want - to access just a bunch of controlled sites (less than 10, a sort of whitelist of allowed sites), blocking all the rest of the Internet.
It's a slightly restrictive approach, but at the moment that's what we have to do.

Is there a simple way to do it, without building a squid+dansguardian box ?

It would be also nice to allow teachers to access the whole Internet: that should be depending on the users logging in (kids just use 10 different users, named after the PC they're working on).

Thanks in advance,

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