Remote shut down and Firefox

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2008/3/21, Ismail ISLEYEN <isleyen at>:
> I use EDUBUNTU 7.10 and I have three problems with it.
> 1. What should I do to shut down the clients remotely? The server and
> the clients have been placed on different floors.

if you would auto shutdown use cron in the chroot /etc/crontab
"/sbin/shutdown -H now" or "/sbin/halt"

for reboot or shutdown manually I don't know perhaps with the thin manager

2. When I run Firefox on the clients, the colors of the screen are
> distorted; although it looks as if everything is OK about the server and
> the clients. The clients are HP T5525.

perhaps  set "X_COLOR_DEPTH=16" in default session.



Emmanuel Le Normand
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