Remote shut down and Firefox

Ismail ISLEYEN isleyen at
Fri Mar 21 12:49:10 GMT 2008

I use EDUBUNTU 7.10 and I have three problems with it.

1. What should I do to shut down the clients remotely? The server and 
the clients have been placed on different floors.
2. When I run Firefox on the clients, the colors of the screen are 
distorted; although it looks as if everything is OK about the server and 
the clients. The clients are HP T5525.  
Thank you very much in advance

Uzm.Ismail ISLEYEN
C.O.M.Ü. Kut. ve Dok. Dai. Bsk.ligi
Elektronik Kaynaklar -- Otomasyon
Tel: (286) 218 0018#1989
isleyen at

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