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Joseph Hartman jlhartman at gmail.com
Fri Mar 21 03:32:05 GMT 2008

I'm having the same problem as Uwe with flash being slow. In this
flash game<http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/g3/bells.htm>(I use it
to help my kinders practice using the mouse) I can literally see
the frames refreshing and it is utterly unusable. I got my gigabit uplink
switch today and connected it but there was no change from the old 10/100
switch I was using before. The new switch should just work out of the box
right? The LED indicates it has a gigabit connection. Since this made no
difference I also did a clean install of Hardy Beta hoping to see some
change. Alas.

Here is a link<http://bp1.blogger.com/_GD2NkD7iQXA/R-MjcdIHbGI/AAAAAAAAAhQ/dWWsKwbRGBA/s1600-h/edubuntu.png>to
the system monitor display after I hooked up the switch but before the
Hardy install. I would say this image is typical of what I've seen with 5
thin clients running the aforementioned flash game whether in Gutsy or Hardy
with Gigabit or not (although the RAM and CPU is running a bit high since I
had just opened firefox on a couple machines before I took the screenshot).

The server is a Dell GX270 P4 running at 3 GHz. It seems like the whole
server slows down when flash is playing, but I haven't confirmed this. With
Hardy the game is even slow on the server, although this was not the case
with Gutsy (BTW Hardy seems realllllllly slow to log in on the server. Like
Gutsy on my laptop. Not good.) I've tried different thin clients with no
changes. I've also tried Cat 5 and 6 cables to the clients with no change. I
haven't tried Gnash in a while so I could give that a shot, but that still
doesn't solve the real problem.

Is the network activity supposed to peak and valley like that? It does this
even if I'm doing something other than flash, like a google docs or
something. If I need to set up munin or cricket I can do that, but what
would I look for/post? Could it be a bigger issue with our school's network
infrastructure or something? I'm about to haul the server and some TCs down
to my house to see if this could be the case, but if that's a dumb idea I'd
rather not waste my time. Thanks for any help, this is really creating an
image problem for Ubuntu among our students and I'd like to get it fixed.
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