Do you have any disused Thin Clients we can recycle? [UK]

Alexander Hanff core.ldf at
Thu Mar 20 17:33:47 GMT 2008

I am currently working on my final year project at University of Cumbria
where I am carrying out a feasibility study on setting up an Open Learning
Lab in Carlisle where members of the public will be provided with free IT
training using Free and Open Source software based around the Linux Terminal
Server Project.

Part of the project involves giving a presentation where we plan to demo a
small Thin Client network of 4-6 machines.

As this is an academic project, it is unfunded, so I cannot afford to
purchase the hardware for this demo. Therefore I am looking for people who
may be willing to donate disused Thin Clients to the project free of charge.

Ideally the Thin Clients need to have at least the following technical

CPU: 300MHz+
RAM: 64MB+
PXE Boot Capabilities
10baseT Network Interface
USB Port (1.0 or 2.0)
Power Supply

It is also desirable to have some flash storage but not essential to the

A confirmation email can be sent by my course leader at the University of
Cumbria should anyone require it to make sure this is a non profit academic

I have a disability so with regards collection, they would need to be within
30 miles of Lancaster. I would however be willing to pay postage at cost if
they are outside of this 30 mile zone.

An example of a suitable machine is the Neoware Capio 620. These are pretty
much obsolete hardware, so I am sure someone will have some lying in a
corner in a storage room somewhere. Anyone who is able to donate these
machines, will of course be credited in the final project report as
sponsors. If you have anything suitable, please don't let it go to waste,
allow us to recycle it for our project.

My sincere thanks,

Alexander Hanff
University of Cumbria
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